2019-2020 NUS Council Recruitment

Being part of the NUS is a great way to get involved at McGill, meet new people, and take on new challenges! The NUS Council is comprised of nineteen elective positions and five appointed positions.

Candidates for an appointed position must fill out an application and a member of council will contact you

Candidates for an elective position must follow the nomination procedures as outlined below.

You can read about the details of each position in our Constitution and By-Laws located under the Home tab. 

Appointed Positions

The following positions are open on the NUS for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. 

Global Health Representative

Indigenous Student Representative

Athletic Representative

Chief Revenue Officer 

To apply, send a maximum one-page application to nus.nursing@mail.mcgill.ca (CC: president.nus@mail.mcgill.ca) describing why you best fit the role. Be sure to include your name, year and the position you applied for in your application. 

Elections Timeline (Appointed Positions)

Application Period: Saturday, September 14th to Thursday September 19th

Results will be released on Monday September 23rd

Elected Positions

The following elective positions are available for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Candidates for elective positions can apply by following the outlined nomination procedure below.

Nomination Procedure

Email nus.nursing@mail.mcgill.ca (CC: president.nus@mail.mcgill.ca)

  • ​Your name

  • Your year

  • Your program

  • The position you're running for

  • A photo of your beautiful self!

  • 250 word blurb of why you want to run

Available Positions

VP Academic BNI

Graduation Representative

BNI U3 Representative

BNI U2 Representative

BScN U1 Representative

BScN U0 Representative

Elections Timeline (Elected Positions)

Nomination Period: Monday, September 9th to Friday, September 13th 

Campaigning Period: Saturday, September 14th to Tuesday, September 17th

Voting Period: Wednesday, September 18th to Sunday, September 22nd

Results will be released on Monday September 23rd

Elective Positions



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