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The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA) is the national voice of Canadian nursing students in diploma and baccalaureate registered nursing programs. Its aim is to “increase the legal, ethical, professional and educational aspects which are an integral part of nursing”. The CNSA is dedicated to an active and positive promotion of nurses and the nursing profession. It is run and independently controlled by nursing students from member schools across Canada. As an undergraduate McGill nursing student, you are a member of the CNSA!

The CNSA provides its members with opportunities to:

                                -attend annual regional and national conferences,

                                -network with other students,

                                -develop leadership skills,

                                -meet potential employers,

                                -learn about relevant political and ethical issues,

                                -and much more!

If you have any questions or are looking for opportunities to get involved with the CNSA please email your OD/AD at

Please consult our CNSA FAQ for commonly asked questions:

If you would like more information about the activities of McGill's OD and AD CNSA, please consult the OD & AD CNSA Report:


Students are also encouraged to review CNSA's position and resolution statements passed during National Assembly at the Winter 2017 National Conference:

OD and AD CNSA at 2016 CNSA Regional Conference

2016 CNSA Ontario Quebec Regional Conference



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