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Chaired by the Social Representative

The role of the Social Committee is to organize various social events throughout the year to help the McGill nursing community (BScN & BNI) get more involved. The main priority is that our social events are fun, safe, and inclusive to all. The social committee will plan lots of fun and stress-relieving events (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), especially since this year is ISON's 100th anniversary. The goal is to have at least one event per month, inter-department involvement, event promoting/sharing, and making this year memorable. Everyone is invited to join the social committee! Please do not hesitate to send an email if you have any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions for future events.

Roles of the Coordinator:

  • Organize/launch social events

  • Ensure fun, safe, and inclusive social activities for all McGill nursing students

  • Communicate with social committee, NUS, and other faculties/departments

  • Schedule regular meetings with NUS council and social committee

  • Manage budget for social events

Roles of the committee members:

  • Expected to attend 1-2 meetings per month

  • Suggest ideas for social events

  • Participate and/or volunteer at social events

  • Event promotion and sharing

  • Help with ticket sales

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Chaired by the BScN Rep and BNI Rep

The role of the Graduation Committee will consist of organizing the graduation gala, which includes voting on decisions such as the theme (if we want one), venues, decorations, photographs, etc. It will also include organizing fundraising events, baking sales, and brainstorming event ideas. Lastly, the committee will also be creating and designing the 2020 yearbook for the graduating year. All nursing students are welcomed to join! 

Roles of the Coordinators: 

  • In contact with the sponsors, venues, and advertising companies.

  • Managing the finances 

  • Making the biweekly agendas 

  • Overseeing all activities 

  • Relaying any important information to the committee 

Time Commitment: 

  • Bi-weekly meetings of 30-45 mins 

  • Participating in at least 1 -2 fundraising event

  • Aid in the set-up of the Graduation Gala

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Chaired by the Global Health Representative and VP Global Health

The MNGH is a Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing student organization committed to fostering awareness among the student body around issues of global health and social justice. The group also aims to work in solidarity with community-based health organizations in the majority world, and to advocate for the right to accessible healthcare. For more information or to join MNGH, please see our MNGH website, and e-mail us.

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