NPMP Organizing Team (2015-2016)

NPMP Organizing Team (2015-2016)

NPMP Organizing Team (2015-2016)

NPMP Director, Lia Sanzone (left) and  Vanessa D'Aquila (right) (NPMP Organizng Team 2014-2017 and NUS President 2016-2017)

Welcome Event: Meet and Greet


Nursing en Français Workshop (2015-2016)

NPMP Organizing Team


Disclaimer: The Nursing Peer Mentorship Program (NPMP) is not an official affiliate of the NUS, as the program is funded by Health Canada: 


Any McGill Nursing student (at the undergraduate and graduate level) can apply as a mentor and/or mentee!

1) Description:

NPMP is a program that was developed in 2014 by Lia Sanzone (BScN’89, MSc(A)’95,Assistant Professor , Assistant, BSc(N), Academic advisor and the NPMP Director). The NPMP encourages liaisons between junior-yeared and senior-yeared students within the Ingram School of Nursing. It provides a platform for them to meet, with a goal of helping new students feel welcomed and incorporated in the school. In addition, it can help students transition to a University Professional Program.

Various workshops are offered throughout the year and all students are encouraged to attend.

*Note: A senior student is one who has a minimum of one year of academic studies over the junior student. 

2) Roles:

Mentors: Are senior-yeared McGill students at the Ingram School of Nursing willing to act as a guide and support system to a junior-yeared student.

Mentees: Are the junior-yeared students who may (or may not be) new to McGill or the Ingram School of Nursing. Someone with questions, concerns and/or feel they would benefit from having a mentor.

*Note: Anyone can sign up as a mentee (including second and third year students, not just incoming students). Graduating students will have the opportunity to sign up and be mentored with graduates from the program.  

3) Time commitment:

The mentor-mentee pairings require as much time as the student-dyad is willing to input. The frequency of meetings is therefore at the discretion of those involved in the pairing. Members of the program are also expected to attend a Meet & Greet Event at the start of the year and a Appreciation Event towards the end (each lasting about an hour). 

​A variety of workshops are offered throughout the academic school year and all students are encouraged to attend. Workshop themes vary based on the students’ needs. Ongoing French language workshops for different levels are offered throughout the year as well as Clinical Survival Workshops.

4) How to sign up and deadline:

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and/or mentee, please email Professor Lia Sanzone at You will be asked to fill out a short survey with questions to help pair you up with either a mnetee or mentor or both!

New mentors will also be asked to attend a short interview in April & or September of each academic year. Mentors will be paired up with mentees by October, so please express your interest before then! However, it is never too late to join NPMP and all students are welcome!

5) Email for questions:

​Please email for any questions you may have to or directly to Professor Sanzone at

​Please join our facebook page to be updated on all of our activities!

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1) Description:

The NPMP Organizing Team organizes all NPMP initiatives throughout the year, such as workshops based on the students needs; tutoring sessions (NEW THIS YEAR) and French- Language workshops, which is aimed for Nursing students to practice casual and medical conversations en français, to help you thrive in your clincal settings!

2) Roles:

We are looking for ONE student from each of the following years to complete our team: 

  • 1 BScN U0 &

  • 1 BScN U1 &

  • 1 BScN U2 , 

  • 1 BNI U2 &

  • 1 BNI U3

Interested candidates will be working alongside peers who have been involved over the years in NPMP Organizing Committee and Lia Sanzone, the director of the program.

Some roles include: Workshop organizers and leads;  French language workshop organizers; Interprofessional workshop leader; Secretary; Public relations manager; Powerpoint maker etc.

***Special this year: Helping out with the Canadian Nursing Students' Association (CNSA) workshop coordinators, Tristan Pecsi and Anna Li to organize specific workshops. 

3) Time commitment:

The NPMP Organzing Team meets on an as-needed basis before and after the events and workshops (Average: 1-3 times a month depending). Members of the team are also expected to prepare necessary materials before ​the events, and must participate in such activities. 

How to sign up and deadline:

If you are interested in joining the team please email Professor Lia Sanzone at or at

You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, and an interview may also be requested.


NPMP Organizing Team

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