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In 2016, three groups comprising of undergraduate nursing students at McGill presented their research topics in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, from Septemeber 25th to 27th. They worked alongside Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN) faculty members, Prof. Anne Chevrier, Prof. Elaine Doucette, and Prof. Lia Sanzone throughout the Summer (2016) to prepare for this nursing research initiative. These sixteen students (comprising of BScN U3 or BNI U3 students)  fundraised throughout the year in order to help cover some of the expenses of their trip.


Have a look at their research titles and abstracts below! 

Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN)

Dynamics Conference

Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN)

Dynamics Conference

 Students: Catherine Bigras, RN, (BNI U3), Vanessa D’Aquila, Jodi Kalubi, 

Palmina Montanaro, Teodora Riglea, (All BScN U3) 

Students: Ameer Albaouth, William De Luca, Gianni Santella, Yi Wang (All BScN U3)

Students: Cecilia Marti, Sarah Twardy (Both BNI U3), Sophie Bastarche, Valerie Duff-Murdoch, Emily Yang, Judy Yang (All BScN U3)

Students' Widening Participation Commitee

Sub-Committee of the Widening Participation Committee

A SWPC Representative from the NUS Council is appointed yearly. They are responsible for ensuring the SWPC's initiatives are communicated to the NUS, so that all Nursing undergraduates are aware when appropriate volunteer opportunities arise. The representative for 2018-2019 is Erin Patton.


Mandate (as presented on the Terms of Reference):

The Students’ Widening Participation Committee (SWPC) is a sub-committee of the Widening Participation Committee, which is mandated by the Faculty of Medicine’s Office of Social Accountability to develop, implement, and monitor programs and initiatives aimed at increasing the participation of under-represented populations in the application processes of McGill’s health professional programs. 


The SWPC is mandated by the Widening Participation Committee to cultivate and facilitate robust communication and cooperation as related to the mission and mandate of the WPC: (a) between learners and faculty and administration within the health professional schools; and (b) between learners across the health professional schools.


Want to get involved in interdisciplinary work at its best with students from all over the province? Join the Forum de la Relève Étudiante pour la Santé au Québec (FRESQue), a student association that reunites thousands of students from all healthcare professions! Future nurses, physicians, nutritionists, PTs,OTs, social workers, psychologists and many more are teaming up to organize an annual summit for healthcare professionals, the public and many actors of our healthcare system.

*The organization is bilingual, however the majority of the meetings take place in french. All official documents will be translated and made available in English.


HOW TO GET INVOLVED: The process to get involved in our committees will be announced by your NUS council at the beginning of September. In the meantime, check out our website and facebook page. If you have any questions, please contact or


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The McGill Student Association for Collaborative Mental Healthcare (CMH) is a space for future mental healthcare workers and researchers to come together, generate ideas and create interdisciplinary networks. Collaborative learning will occur through case-study work, brainstorming and workshops led by guest speakers. This a group for students, such as future nurses, who are passionate about improving systems, treatments and access to mental healthcare. Please visit: (application information is on the contact page).



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