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The Canadian Black Nurses Alliance - McGill (CBNA-McGill) is a student extension of the Canadian Black Nurses Alliance (CBNA) initiative. The goal of this club at McGill University is aimed towards creating a community for black nursing students here on campus. This will be an open and professional space where students can network with other students across various levels of the program, encourage and support each other, and participate in future conferences and programs conducted by CBNA. The club intends to be a source of mentorship, coaching and resource to black nursing students here at McGill, with this support CBNA- McGill will work to ensure equal access to opportunities for black nursing students and inspire these students to step boldly into their nursing career while helping them with any challenges they may face.
The need for CBNA- McGill stems from an underrepresentation of black nursing students and black educators in McGill’s nursing program. The lack of representation and racial demographic of the program creates a disconnect wherein black students potentially feel as though they do not fit in or have a voice in McGill’s nursing community. These feelings often cause black students to shy away from exploring leadership positions, reaching out for help, or utilizing available resources to enhance their academic experience, and even attending social and academic events held by the nursing student society. Through CBNA - McGill, black nursing students will have an avenue to connect with one another, support and share resources enabling them for a successful academic and professional career as Canadian Black nurses. Furthermore, they will feel empowered, take on leadership positions, and draw inspiration through interactions with nurses of color successfully navigating different areas of the nursing profession.
We are hopeful for you to join CBNA-McGill in its mission and are looking forward to seeing you at our future events. 

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