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Nursing 21st Century Fund Fee (NURF)

The Nursing 21st Century Fund Fee (NURF) is a non-optoutable fee of 5.00$ per semester charged to all undergraduate nursing students. The fee was established in 1994 to provide students with resources to support initiatives enhancing professional development and learning.

Nursing Undergraduate Society Fee (NSUG)

The Nursing Undergraduate Society is a student-run council which promotes communication amongst the nursing student body, the School of Nursing Staff, and with the rest of McGill University through its alliance with SSMU – the Student Society of McGill University.

Through its student fees, the NUS is able to promote student participation in extracurricular activities at McGill and within the School of Nursing by organizing many academic, social, and athletic events throughout the year. For instance, the fee contributes to costs involving student participation in the National Nursing Games, the Regional and National CNSA conference, an annual career fair, frosh, graduation, the faculty and student “meet & greet”, the Canadian Nursing Student Association membership, annual donations to two community organizations and much more.

Any changes to this fee can only be made following a student referendum conducted by the Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS).

For more information regarding student fees please consult the following website:

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