2022-2023 ELECTIONS

The Winter 2022 Elections are over. If you still wish to be involved in the council, please consider applying in Fall 2022 for one of the following positions:

Elected EXECUTIVE COUNCIL positions:

Elected GENERAL COUNCIL positions:

Appointed GENERAL COUNCIL positions:

The instructions to apply to council positions will remain similar to those written below.

More details will follow as we approach Fall 2022! Stay tuned!


It’s time for the NUS 2022-2023 election period to begin! We are eagerly looking for candidates to fill the Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS) Executive and General council positions below. The NUS is a vital part of student life. Members of the NUS work closely with nursing faculty to advocate for our community. We also provide students with endless opportunities to connect and engage with one another. Holding a position on the NUS is a great way to develop leadership skills, meet new people, have a sense of responsibility, and take on new challenges. If you're looking for a way to get involved during your time at ISoN, applying for the NUS is the perfect opportunity for you.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please get in touch with the current council member via email (included below) or email me directly at president.nus@mail.mcgill.ca. Each position has specific criteria that must be met in order to apply. For more information on eligibility criteria please review the NUS constitution and by-laws.

The following elected EXECUTIVE COUNCIL positions are open for self-nomination:

To nominate yourself for any of the positions above, you must meet with the current Executive Council member and they must sign a nomination form (this can be done online via zoom).

The following elected GENERAL COUNCIL positions are open for self-nomination: 

If you are interested in any of these positions, please correspond with the representative via email to set up a meeting during the nomination period. 

The following appointed GENERAL COUNCIL positions are open for application:

To apply for these positions, you will need to submit a 1-page application describing why you believe you best fit this role. Once the nomination period over, the NUS council will be reviewing and voting on the applications blindly. 

The timeline of events for this year's elections is as follow:

  • Nomination period: March 15th - March 28th
    To be an eligible candidate, you must submit your nomination before the aforementioned deadline. Your nomination must include your name, year and program of study, the signed nomination form, a 250-word description explaining why you believe you best fit this role, and a photo of yourself. The submitted photo and description will appear on the SSMU Simply Voting platform during the voting period. Please send your nomination to president.nus@mail.mcgill.ca. Appointed position applications are also due by the end of the nomination period at 11:59pm.

  • Campaigning period: March 29th - April 4th
    During the campaigning period, we encourage you to make social media pages in order to promote your candidacy to fellow undergraduate students. You must send a link of your social media campaign page(s) to president.nus@mail.mcgill.ca. Given the current circumstances, all campaigns this year MUST be held online. Once the campaigning period is over (April 4th at 11:59pm) you must remove all campaigning materials from social media. Please refer to the by-laws for specific rules pertaining to the campaign period. Failure to follow these rules will terminate your eligibility as a candidate.

  • Voting period: April 5th - April 9th
    You will receive an email via SSMU POLLING to vote for the NUS council candidates. Please check your junk mail, and “other” mailbox as it may be sent there. You will have to log in with your McGill credentials to vote.